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Developing Divine Dogs one pet parent at a time.

Hi, I'm Jacie

Dog Trainer | Stylist Apprentice

I've been working in the pet industry for over 8 years and discipling pet parents in developing Divine Dogs since 2020.

As a Stylist Apprentice, I am dedicated to honing my skills and ultimately under-promising and over-delivering.

What people are saying

"I swear Mrs. Frizzle looks and smells even better each and every time!"

— Ruth M.

"I didn't think Maggie could get any cuter!"

— Kayla B.

"Jacie is such an effective teacher! I love how she not only taught me how to correct my dog but she also got really deep into the psychology of it all and it made me think about my own habits and why I do the things I do."

— Brittany S.