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Grooming Rehab

Fired from the salon?

There's still hope.


verb. To make nonreactive.

Your groomer doesn't have the time it requires to fully acclimate and desensitize a fearful, aggressive dog to their chaotic salon environment.

Dog groomers are not dog trainers and have appointments to keep.

Desensitization is a process that takes time but is well worth it.

Patience & Persistence

Your dog may associate grooming tools and tables to feelings of anxiety.

Your dog may have learned that biting and thrashing ends the grooming experience.

These are feelings and behaviours that will take patience and persistence to rewire.

Step 1

Apply for an assessment.

Share any details that groomers have shared with you in the past about your dog's salon behaviour.

After filling out the form, expect a phone call to expand on what you shared and to go over any preliminary steps we can take.

Step 2

Bring your dog in.

Leave your pup with me for the hour while I go over basic salon procedures and assess their level of reactivity to strangers and the grooming experience.

Assessment Fee:


Step 3

Create a plan.

From there, I'll devise a plan to desensitize their major triggers and gradually associate peace with the grooming process.

Simulated Salon Enviornment

From the blow-dryer to the nail-grinder, I'll reintroduce all salon tools and sensations with patience, guidance, and plenty of positive reinforcement.

$1,000 Investment

5 Weeks

1 Hour Sessions

A minimum of 5 sessions–and your regular reinforcement at home–are required to make long-lasting progress.

*all prices are subject to HST

Hands-On Learning

You can't expect to memorize something if you only practice 1 hour/week, but imagine how good you could get if you commit to just 15 minutes/day.

Your dog needs your love and support to conquer their fear for good.

5 Week Bootcamp

Dog Psychology

I'll be teaching you how to read your pet's body language to effectively respond to their needs and predict their next moves.


I'll be showing you how to properly and safely hold and communicate with your pet to reinforce boundaries and eliminate anxiety.


Set a timer on your phone because with just 15 minutes/day you will be helping your dog move emotional mountains.

Getting Fired

Unfortunately, once your pup has been fired from a few salons for their behaviour, you aren't left with many options.



+ They get hair removed

+ Nails get trimmed

– Some studies show it shortens their lifespan

– Life threatening to pregnant or senior dogs

– $200-$600+ additional expense on every groom


– They don't get clean

– Nails grow into their paws

– Painful mats develop

– Hair covers their eyes

– Overheat in hot weather


+ They get groomed

+ Nails get trimmed

+ Haircut options

+ Salon options

+ Increased confidence in high-stress situations

+ Suitable for all life stages

+ Long-term solution

Make It Happen

Let's make your dog great at grooming.