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Private Lessons

In-Home Training

Private Perks

• 1-on-1 guidance and correction

• Sessions that work around your schedule

• Minimize and control distractions so your dog can fully focus on learning

• Tackle problem behaviours in the exact environment they typically happen

• Handle reactive/aggressive behaviour safely

Free Consultation

After submitting your application, expect a phone call to expand on the information you shared, assess the situation, and go over any preliminary steps to take.

This all helps in creating a personalized lesson plan just for you.

Reactive/Aggressive Behaviour

Dog aggression or reactivity towards other dogs, people, and family members is a challenging and scary experience.

I'm here for you in working through this process without judgement.

Working together, we'll develop a plan to move towards realistic goals.

Personalized Plan

Based on your dog's needs and your expectations, a personalized lesson plan will be created to set your dog up for success!

If your dog doesn't have any complex or aggressive habits or hangups, we will typically follow my 6 week programs.

Personalized Challenges

Private lessons allow us to practice etiquette and obedience in multiple real-world scenarios and situations.

The Car

Dog Parks

•Pet-Friendly Stores


1 hour private session


•Personalized Lesson Plan

•Training Guidebook

•Travel Expenses

*all prices are subject to HST