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Tools are designed to make our lives easier.

Here are some of my personal recommendations.

Clicker & Whistle

This clicker and whistle combination is perfect for training basic commands and a strong recall.

The consistent sound of the clicker makes sure your dog always knows whatever they did before the sound was correct.

The whistle is amazing for long distance recall and breaking focus if a distraction is spotted. I highly recommend keeping this tool close by or on your keys whenever you leave the house with your dog.

Potty Bells

One of the most useful tools to help potty train your dog – especially if you are without backyard access or live in an apartment.

Training your dog to signal you that they need to use the bathroom with bells is easier than you may think.

Treat & Bag Pouch

Never leave the house without treats to reinforce good behaviour and poop bags!

With this stylist pouch you'll never forget either of them again. Keep it by your front door or clip it to your purse.


Crate training is beneficial for potty training, preventing separation anxiety, and creating a safe space for your pup to feel is their own.

Make sure to purchase a crate that is big enough for when your pup is full grown.

Prong Collar

This non-choke, prong collar with rubber tips provides a corrective sensation for reactive or aggressive dogs without restricting airflow.


Prong collars are not long-term solutions and must be paired with proper training. If not, your dog risks becoming desensitized to the sensation, rendering the tool useless and potentially damaging.

50ft Lead

Conditioning a reliable recall is one of the most important aspects of training. I always recommend using a lead when training to ensure you don't get any "dine-and-dashers".

I also recommend keeping a long lead on puppies when you allow them to wander around your home.

  1. Because puppies can squeeze themselves into compromising places.
  2. To condition them to the sensation of the leash.